One Brave Step

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The fundraising aspect of the Roses Run, is to fund a Sports and Social Development Cricket Coach to work within the Maasai area of Kenya.

Following Cricket Without Boundaries’ (CWB) next trip out to Kenya on 18 June 2016, where we will be working with the Maasai Cricket Warriors, 28 Too Many and Cricket Kenya on our second FGM project, we are seeking to appoint a full time coach to work in the Maasai community. Their role will be to continue to deliver the FGM awareness messages and promote gender equality, through sport, across the wider Maasai community. The money raised from the Roses Run will go directly towards funding and supporting this coach.

To understand what the impact of having a local Sport and Social Development coach will do for the girls, their families, and the wider Maasai community the following excerpt is taken from the Cricket Without Boundaries’ FGM Blog post of last year: “One Brave Step” . It was first posted on 22 February 2015 to explain the positive impact of the Maasai Cricket Warriors and what the CWB Project did to support their work. The full post can be found at: CWB Blogs FGM Kenya 2015 One Brave Step

“We then made our way to meet Nancy, the reason this project began. Nancy is Daniel & Benjamen’s [Maasai Cricket Warriors] sister, and the first woman in their family to not undergo FGM.

The reason for this is that Daniel and Benjamen had learnt that FGM was wrong and harmful. They spoke up and informed their family of the truth. Thanks to the boys’ bravery in speaking out and standing up in courage to protect their sister, she did not face the barbaric procedure and is now enjoying gaining an education and thriving in school, and dreams of becoming a Doctor.

Ben Dan and Nancy

A year ago today on a CWB project in Kenya, Daniel spoke to Tracey & Gary [CWB’s then Kenya Country Lead Tracey Davies and HIV Lead Gary Shankland] about the need to win the fight against FGM and of the need in the community for CWB’s help to tackle this issue. We all could see that CWB could help and responded positively to Daniel’s invite to help the Maasai Cricket Warriors with eradicating FGM in Laikipia.

A year later, following a year of planning and joining up with 28 Too Many, we are here delivering the first ever CWB anti-FGM project. We thought this project was a pilot, but it has quickly become the pioneering launch of a very successful project that will surely continue to develop and reach many more people.

From one girl’s brave step to say no to FGM, thanks to the support of her brothers, by the end of today we will have coached and got 1750 people to sign up to be a part of a anti FGM message in Laikipia. The whole community has got behind the scheme, including the District Commissioner, Chief of the Maasai Elders, Chief of Police, the Local Health Centre, Community Health Workers, Midwives, Nurses, School Teachers, Young Leaders, Pastors, and many more..

She believe she could so she did

If the power of one girl and her brothers can cause of all this…. If even just a sample of the 1750 reached this week stood up and spoke out against FGM, protected there sisters, or said no to their daughters having it done… Wow! What an impact! What a change! What an amazing testament to the power of one voice… One act of bravery!”




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